Why Choose Cooler bags? what is the benefit of Cooler bag?

2016-06-25 18:20

Cooler bag, ice bag, ice packs, also known as passive refrigerator, is a high insulation, thermostatic effect package (with cool effects), cold, heat, and preservation. Using high-quality materials, easy to carry, for those who prefer traveling by car, holiday outing, family picnic use, the product inner EPE laminated reflective foil insulation, provide a good thermal insulation effect, since you can in the car, outdoors carry iced drinks, cold drinks, etc., you do not have to endure warm drinks!
Cooler bags stylish appearance, fashionable, easy to clean the bag can be folded for convenient storage. The product also has a thermal insulation effect, also suitable for winter insulation required, is to live, travel, leisure essential goods.

Insulated cooler bag has five advantages: First, save a lot of plastic bags, support environmental protection; Second, clean, water and oil cooler bag itself, all materials with environmentally friendly materials, super wear anti-wrinkle resistance; Third, the insulation effect, go out when the food is still steaming hot from the food color and taste to achieve the desired results. Such workers work eating problems can be easily resolved, the opportunity to picnic can also increase a lot; Fourth, low price cooler bag itself, and can be used repeatedly, the general market can be purchased, five can be used for take-away restaurant, takeaway can also be printed on personalized slogan, enhance visibility. Insulation bags have large and medium insulation bags designed for motorcycles, bicycles, auto transport as well as to design sports backpacks, bags, gifts and specialty packaging bags, leisure bags as cooler bag design, cooler bag toward more professional development direction, more able to bring the most affordable services to people's lives.

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